A House Of Cycas and Palm Varieties

Das Nursery is situated on the western banks of the river Ganges about 70 Kms North of kolkata. It has a tropical climate suitable for the growth of ornamental plants grown in other tropical countries extending from Phillippines to Hawaii. We are grower & supplier of palm, ornamental, folige, avenue plants etc. Specially tall palm (Cycads, Lastelliana, Latania, Bismarckia, Zamia, Sampain, Foxtail). Contact for large quantities for CYCAS (CYCADS). The design of garden combines the static, fixed architectural features and the dynamic, living structure of the garden: the trees, shrubs, hedges, herbaceous. Whether you are a professional landscaper, or in search of unique plants for your home, garden or office, Ankur can be your source for plants. In addition being.